I know, its been a while...

Oh boy, I know, its been a while since my last post. My only excuse is that Halloween happened, I've been using every spare moment away from mommyville that I can making cards, and oh yeah, the responsible things like winterizing the house and yard. 

About June I thought it would be a really great idea to order a bunch (like 300 or so) spring bulbs that I would get to plant in the fall. Oh how pretty....until the box arrived full of these bulbs and it has been icky weather. ugh! However, I can finally wipe my brow (with my hand covered in mud) and say that I have finished planting every last one of those bulbs....with Anna's help of course. Whew!

Okay, so about that winterizing the house and yard....Yesterday I was taking on the back yard, which if you've been to our house you know it is nothing but different levels and stairs....Thank you Bob Carey (the man who built our house). My job was to move 4 tires and the rack that sits on top of the Rover to the storage area under our deck. For some reason the HUGE rack didn't seem like much of an issue to move, but those tires....now those were another story. I have moved around many a tire in my life, and have never been quite as dumb about it as I was yesterday. I'm looking at this stack of tires, and maybe it was because I was tired, wet and cold that I thought there must be an easier way than lugging these four tires down our narrow stairway to the lower level. All of the sudden I came up with this FABULOUS idea, so it seemed at that moment....I thought, I know, I'll just roll these tires down the stairs and then carry them in to the storage shed once they reach the bottom of the stairs. So, off I go, I get the first tire and give it a teensy, tiny little push and whatdya know....it rolled quite nicely down the stairs, then gained more speed and rolled right over the retaining wall, then gained even more speed and was in perfect alignment for my neighbors very nice, very large bird bath. Well, thanks to my FABULOUS idea we can now say, what used to be my neighbors very nice, very large bird bath. YEP!....that's right, the tire hit it perfectly and sent the bird bath toppling over and cracked it right in half. Now, my first instinct is to break out in tears, because I was so mad at myself for letting this happen and even more I felt TERRIBLE that I just broke my neighbors bird bath. Before I even reached my neighbors steps to ring the doorbell to explain what had happened she was outside to find me in a heap of tears. She was so nice and forgiving, and that made me cry even more, because now someone is being nice to me.....boo hoo hoo! (Pull it together for crying out loud!) So, even though she said not to worry about it, of course that is what has been on my mind all day today. Thank goodness for neighbors like her (Barbara)!

Lesson Learned: It is not necessary to give a tire even the teensiest amount of a push down stairs....a tire is round, it will roll without much effort. 
Second Lesson (which I already knew, but thought since its Thanksgiving month it was worth sharing): Before you break something of your neighbors make sure they know how much you like them and appreciate their friendship....makes it easier when you get the FABULOUS idea and the unfortunate happens. (Like the bird bath)

Final thought: If anyone knows of a Tire Bowling team that is looking for a bowler I would like to apply. I had no idea I had such a talent.

Anna and Mommy

Wow....a picture with Mommy, Or "Mom" as she calls me now. When did that happen? I really liked being called Mommy and Mama....I'm going to miss that :0( She's growing up too quick! I can see why people have more than one child, but whew....I don't think I have what it takes to raise more than one at a time. I will just cherish every little minute with her....well maybe not every minute....tee hee, but most for sure! :0) 

Dad and Anna

Happy Day! We have been able to grab daddy twice in one week for some family time! We went down to Finch Arboretum to collect our leaves....we almost ran out of daylight. 

The leaf book

Need you ask?....of course this was made with my Stampin' Up! products. Isn't it cute!?

Collecting leaves

Anna is pretty proud of her leaf book. The other day she asked if I would make her a leaf collecting book. Well, duh.....ask me to make something and I'm all over it! She was so cute when she asked. 

Taking Daddy to Greenbluff

Anna and I thought we would try going to Greenbluff one more time....after a not-so-fun trip last week. This time we took our secret weapon....DADDY!, and made sure we went first thing in the morning while Anna was nice and refreshed. We picked out a couple BIG pumpkins this time and Anna got to take a nice ride in the pumpkin-cart. The weather was amazing and it was great to spend some time as a family. 

Punkin Chunkin!

This is the pumpkin launcher at Knapp's at Greenbluff. If you look closely you can see the pumpkin at the edge of the hay that was launched out of the cannon. I was surprised I actually captured a picture, because I had a hard time finding the pumpkin while looking in the camera. 

Look at her go!

It was hard to keep up with her to get a picture, but AHA!....I got one! She loved running through the hay maze at Knapp's at Greenbluff this weekend.


Could not have picked a better day for finding a pumpkin.....weather-wise that is. Anna's mood on the other hand was a different story.....boy was she owly! This was one of few pictures where she wasn't pouting or all out throwing a fit. All was not lost though....we did find some good pumpkins, she got to ride in the wheelbarrow and managed to get dirt all over her. All in all a successful trip to Greenbluff! We went to Knapp's this year (on the west loop) and thought it was GREAT place! I want to do back when Anna is more pleasant. :0) 

Finding the perfect one

Anna and the funny looking pumpkins...

"What's wrong with these pumpkins mommy?"

She takes after her mommy!....We love pumpkins!

This picture was taken last Oct., but I had to share it. And, of course, that is a Stampin' Up! stamp that was used on the frame. 

Wahoo! Its finally happened!....I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!

Yippee! I have wanted to join Stampin' Up! for awhile now, and its finally happened. I am so excited to be a part of their company and to start having workshops and parties with all of you. And, its just in time for the upcoming holidays! Fun!
Check out my webpage: www.Angeliquewren.stampinup.net 

Anna and the Lion

Anna was catching a ride on this Lion. Actually, she said she really wanted to "give this lion some love" and gave it hugs and kisses before we could see the real zoo animals.

Woodland Park Zoo

Flamingos are the new attraction at the zoo......I think they were all closing their eyes and pretending they were somewhere else. 

Enjoying some fantastic September weather!

This is one of Anna's favorite things......"Let's swing mommy"....and by that she means, push me on the swing for at least 45 minutes. 

Life at Haystack


This is one of our favorite places.....Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach. 
Picture taken July 2008

Future Gardener

Here is Anna's Zinnia garden. She is pretty proud of her crop. She will tell you that this is "my flower garden". Picture taken late August 2008 

Jack and the Beanstalk

This vine just keeps going and going! I planted morning glory seeds in late June, and by late July this is what happened. Strange thing is, I have planted morning glory before and it bloomed like crazy.....this year, no blooms but BIG plant. 

Finger Licken' Good!

End of August 2008
Its hard to believe summer is at its end. Anna is getting in some berry picking at Gma and Gpa's. Is there a rule that you can't eat what you pick?