Is it really January?

:: Wait, is that grass in the picture? this REALLY January?....because there would not have been trike riding last year at this time. I think we're all liking this winter over last year...and the year before.
:: January of last year....try riding a trike in that!
News Flash People....Michael put the snow blower away yesterday, so now you know what that means.....we're gonna get some snow!

I'm BACK!!!!

Well well well....look who remembered she had a blog! I know...I can hear you all yelling has been so long since my last post I actually had to look up my password!
I'm not making any promises about how often I'll post, but I thought I would at least update you with a few Christmas pics :) You will notice this year I am actually in the pictures....after years of not being in any, because I am always behind the camera I released my control of my beloved camera over to Michael and "let" him take a few pics.

:: Anna was beside herself with joy to put together her gingerbread house this year....I was dealing with a cold that I was pretty sure I was going to die from (everyone said I had HINI to every other dreadful thing, but why go to the doctor and find out when instead you can suffer through it & let it kick your butt?) This picture makes me laugh, because you can almost hear me saying, "just take the damn picture please....cheese!"
:: Michael II (15), Danielle (17) & Anna (just days from the big 4!)
:: Normally you can't pay the kid to sit still for a picture, especially if she knows I REALLY want the picture....I don't know, maybe she got lost in the spirit of Christmas, but this time she posed and everything!
::Michael, Danielle, Mom (me), & Anna on her 4th birthday. I kind of felt like a failure as a mother, because I didn't bake her cake, but her favorite cake has always been the "Chocolate Costco Cake", give the girl what she wants and give momma a break:) I was just happy to see her 4th birthday....(ya know, cuz I was dying from my cold....LOL!)

:: You all know how much I love taking pictures?....well I got a video camera for Christmas! soon as I get the Christmas videos edited I'll be adding a couple movies. Stay tuned!