's another one!

:: While I was making my Gram's quilt I started this one at the same time. I finally completed the top stitching and put the binding on!
:: As per Anna's instructions, this quilt is for me and her to snuggle with :)
:: I got a little carried away with the top stitching on this one. I like how it turned out though, and it should hold up for a lot of use.
:: And a flannel backing....super cozy! This quilt was made with a Moda Layer Cake called Panache. This line is out of production now, so that is why this quilt is on the small side. It is just big enough to snuggle under while watching a movie or reading :)

Happy Mother's Day!

:: Don't I have the most charming child? Good grief!
This pic was taken at school during her Mother's Day Tea.
:: Look at the enthusiasm just written all over her face....they are supposed to be singing.
:: Then all of the sudden....she starts striking a pose!...
:: after pose.....
:: after pose!

Anna and the reptiles...

We recently heard about a reptile store...
My first thought was...eeew! thanks!
Anna's first thought was....when can we go?

:: Yes....that is a real tortoise. (I even touched it!) Anna was in absolute heaven!
:: I found this little guy roaming around the store...apparently he escaped his perch. (Sorry I ratted you out fella)
:: This is Bart. He was a large lizard that Anna really would have loved bringing home. And actually, for a crazy little moment I considered. Turns out he is actually the store owner's pet....whew! I haven't met many lizards in my life, but this guy even won over my heart.

A Quilt for my Gram

:: It all starts with a couple charm packs (Blush by Basic Grey for Moda)
:: And after some cutting and a little sewing.....a nice little lap quilt for my Gram for her 83rd birthday :) I hope she loves it. I loved making it for her!

A Couple Pictures from Easter

:: Easter 2011
:: Anna and her Mama :)
:: Last year she still needed an assist with the easter egg hunt.....WOW!....not this year! She was all over it. You tell the girl there might be money in the eggs and she was off and grabbing as many eggs as she could.