Pretty Pretty Flowers

:: Foxglove
:: Delphinium
:: Rose
:: Delphinium with Purple Salvia
:: Just wanted to show off some of my yard pretties!

Yard Then and Now

:: Here are some comparison pictures around the yard. The above picture was taken 5/20 and the next 2 pictures of the same flower bed were taken today 6/30. A lot happens in the yard within a month's time.

:: Here is the morning glory progress.....the above picture was taken 6/5, and the picture below was taken today 6/30. The frames should be covered by next month.

A Whole-Lot-A UGLY!

:: Removing wall paper is not for the faint at heart.

:: When you live in a 70's house you're going to have to expect to "de-Brady" (referring to the Brady Bunch for those of you who are slow...hee hee) it after time. Unfortunately (only for the sake of blogging is it unfortunate) I tore down the first layer of wallpaper....this is the only little section left. Let me try to set the mood.......HUGE ORANGE AND BROWN FLOWERS all over the walls in our basement family room. Pretty much our whole house has needed the modern touch and the basement family room just wasn't the priority.....until NOW!

I don't know if any of you have ever had the opportunity to remove's how I feel about it.......WALLPAPER SHOULD BE ILLEGAL :0)
So, the next time you feel the need to wallpaper....think of me friends and don't do it :0)
I am happy to say however, that this is the last room in the house that has wallpaper.....YEEHAW! Within the first 2 years that we lived in our house I removed the wallpaper in the other SIX rooms that had it! The mint green flocked wallpaper in the bathroom was my personal favorite. Wow!

After I tore off the top layer of wallpaper (which I did several years ago) I was left with the backing, which compared to the wallpaper was down right nice to look at. So, I left it that way and moved on to other areas of the house. Well, after telling myself for years that I should really get that backing stripped and paint the family room I am finally doing it.

I've completed about 1/4 of the removal and it took about an hour and a half. So about another 4.5 hours I should have it done and I can prep for paint.


:: Remember "Softy" the Caterpillar everyone? Well, after a few weeks of waiting, Anna's caterpillar has turned in to a moth.....or a butterfly as she calls it.

:: When it first started spinning its silk.
:: The day we brought it home from Gma and Gpa's, which was May 24th.

:: I was amazed that the little critter stayed alive in the jar for two weeks. We tried finding several different kinds of leaves before he finally chomped away at some. Then when he started spinning his silk we thought for sure he was looked hard and dry. So we took the lid off of the jar and set the jar out on the deck. We'd check it every few days, but it still looked dead. Yesterday Michael went out to check and found it had broke free and had turned in to the moth. Crazy! I think Michael and I were just as excited as Anna was.

Long time no blog.....

:: Okay, okay....I know its been a few days since my last blog.......My mom-in-law sent me an e-mail today reminding me that I had not posted anything in awhile, so I figured if she's wondering....maybe the rest of you are too? 

:: First of all, get a load of the chickens! Don't they make ya smile? I took this picture while at my friend Lindsi's a few days ago. I can't remember their names, so I'll have to ask Lindsi and edit the post once I know. At first glance I think of Salt and Pepper, but I'm not a real creative one when it comes to names. 

:: I don't have anything very exciting to report. This past week was busy with play dates, doctor appointment, running errands and helping out my grandma. OH, and don't forget laundry! I got my sneak peek copy of the new Stampin'Up! Idea Book and Catalog 2009-2010, so I have been memorizing every page and started the countdown to when we can order from it.....JULY 1ST! 

::This weekend is Father's Day and the weather is supposed to be terrible for any outdoor activity and of course that is exactly what I have planned.....Taking Michael to a Spokane Indians Game on Father's Day. phooey! 
Hope you all have a great start to your weekend. As I type I can hear that Anna just woke from her nap, so I better run! :0) 

Bloom Time

:: Okay, would everyone please take notice that my clematis is in bloom?! After years of planting new ones and watching them die, for some reason this one has decided to live for three years in a row and its the second year that its actually bloomed. Amazing! Some people can grow these like, not so much! 
Now I'm wondering if I should really push my luck and get another one?....hee hee 
:: Normally I can beg and plead until I have no air left to take a picture of Anna and she'll have nothing of it. Last night as I'm walking around with my camera she kept jumping in front of it to have her picture taken. Darn kid! The actual point of this picture was for the Painted Daisies behind her....shhhh, don't tell her that! Aren't those daisies such a great color!
:: The peonies are just starting to bloom. 
:: And, no, I didn't grow the wheel, but I thought it was a cool place to stick it. Its an old wheel barrow wheel that I bought at an antique store a few years back. Its been all over the yard, and this year I thought this would make a nice resting spot for it. 

Rainy Day Crafts

:: These are some pictures from yesterday. We had a rainy, windy, cold day.....time to bring out the crafts! We made some LOVELY foam bead necklaces and some caterpillars (not pictured) made from pipe cleaners and little pom pom balls. As I'm sitting with her almost bored out of my mind thinking of all the other things I should be attending she says to me, "mommy, isn't this just the best day ever!". Just then my boredom left the building and I realized how lucky I was to be sitting there with her having the best day ever! Kids sure know how to bring a person back to center. :0) 

:: And, compared to today, yesterday really was the best day ever.......This morning I go out to the kitchen to pour my first cup of coffee of the day and kaboom!.....the handle on the coffee pot breaks off, first the VERY hot coffee spills all over my legs and bare feet, then the pot hits the ground with glass shattering all over and while coffee is almost hitting every square inch of the floor! Swell!  
What I was really most upset about was not getting a cup of coffee! ugh!

A few days ago our refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen died.....just after I had stocked both up with a months worth of groceries......most of those went in the garbage since I didn't realize the fridge died until late in the evening. (that's just great to run across right before bed)

And, one of the lenses in my glasses has cracked. I think we should be good for things breaking now......they say these things happen in 3's, so I hope we're good for awhile. 

Luckily we have an older fridge in our mudroom that we mostly keep drinks in that is now in the kitchen. I find it interesting that our 10 year old fridge died before the 30 year old (mudroom fridge) one that is still running. They just don't make things like they used to. And, funny enough, I think I like the old fridge better.....much more room! Plus, now I am rearranging our mudroom and will have more storage!....bonus...the silver lining! 

The last time the whole things in 3's theory took place was the dishwasher, oven and hot water tank....that was just a few months ago. Brother!....this has not been a good year to be an appliance at our house! 

A few yard pictures...

:: The morning glory seeds are taking next month they'll be climbing up the frames! 
:: A dahlia making its way out......this is really exciting since I planted 84 of them! About half of them have broken ground. I'd say by next week most of them should be seeing daylight....fingers crossed! 
:: This is the teddy bear sunflowers I planted in the old tool box....nice to see they've made their way through the dirt too!:
:: My one lonely lupine :0(  I used to have a bunch more and for some reason they didn't make it. Could it be the two worst winters in history to blame? 
:: Last year my grandma divided out most of her iris. My dad took some and I took some......somehow I got all of the yellow ones and he got all of the purple. We're going to do some trading so we both have some of each. 

Softy Update

The caterpillar lives! I thought for sure we'd trap this thing and it would die of either boredom or not enough food and air......well, now the silly thing has started to spin its silk!.....stay tuned. 

Daddy and Anna have been taking good care of the new "pet" out its "cage" and giving it new leaves every couple days. Now I guess we leave it alone and let it spin itself into a moth (I don't think this is the butterfly kind of caterpillar). 

You can't actually see Softy in the picture, because he's/she's/its spun itself up near the lid. However, you can see the cob webby silk stuff. 

Its really makeup!

::When I put this phrase up on the bathroom wall a few years ago above the mirror I didn't realize how appropriate it would be until now.......
::Ya know those silly little toys you pass by (or sometimes run by to avoid your child noticing they are there) in the grocery store toy aisle?  Well last night we had to run in to the store for bread and ice cream, and as we're heading down the bread aisle I had a brain lasp and forgot to sprint by the toy section......she spotted this makeup kit! I've bought her a little Barbie makeup kit in the past that had pretend makeup in it, so when I saw this I thought.....okay, I'm having a weak moment....we'll get the silly little makeup kit. (of course the whole time I'm assuming its pretend....not actual makeup powder).
:: When we get home from the store I see that she's opened her prize and thought it was kind of funny as I'm walking by I see some blue on her face......well then it hits me like a train as I'm already in the next room that the makeup is REAL! Oh Brother! Ever try to take a new prize away from a 3  year old? (Its not for the faint of heart!) 
::Instead of taking it away I decided we should at least move to the bathroom so it wouldn't get all over and so she could see her work in the mirror.....(thinking that she would see this blue stuff all over her face and think, ick, get it off). WRONG! She thought she looked fabulous and was so proud! Again, Oh Brother! 
::Maybe today I can convince her that the blue eyeshadow doesn't belong on her cheeks?!...LOL! 

Yard Jewelry!

:: My new yard jewelry!.......some girls like to get new jewelry, and some like me like to get new yard tools! (well to be honest I REALLY like jewelry too, but there is nothing better than a good tool that works in my book!). I've had my eye on these little dandys and haven't wanted to spend the money on them, but I finally caved in and bought them. And, lately I have become a bargain hunter and got them for a GREAT price.....whoo hoo! 
:: I tried out my new hedge trimmers on our front shrub. Doesn't it look nice? hee hee Just call me Edward Scissor Hands!
I usually use my electric hedge trimmer, but for 1) its SO LOUD, (2) you have to try not to cut the cord in half as your trimming along, and (3) its heavy! (I know, boo hoo!) 

So there you have big excitement! LOL!