Anna and the Pink Trek Trike

:: There is a story behind this Trek Trike.....Michael (Daddy) just couldn't wait to buy Anna her first trike. Well she was about 16 months old when he came home with this trike with the biggest smile. So excited that she would have her first trike. Too bad she is just now at 3 1/2 years old able to put her feet on the pedals....tee hee
It was an exciting day the other day when daddy sat her on the trike just to try one more time to see how much more she would need to grow and BINGO she could reach!
:: I don't know who's more excited over her riding this trike, Anna or Daddy.

And by the way.....I bet all of you thought I had forgotten how to take a picture with a human in it.....LOL! Notice there are flowers in the back ground though......I made sure of that! :0) (snicker!)