The Most Recent Pictures of the kids

:: Danielle 16 :: Anna 3 1/2 :: Michael 14

:: These pictures are nothing short of a miracle! First of all to have all three kids together and Second with smiles ......well I just couldn't ask for more.
I had to work for these pictures though.....yipes! Sometime about a year ago Anna decided that she was not ever going to have her picture taken again. I kind of believed her after a year of no professional pictures to speak of. I took her by herself to Kiddie Kandids last year and that was an all out nightmare. Unbelievably there were a couple good pictures taken that day, but I decided that I wasn't going to put her or myself through that again until she got tired of her camera fear or whatever it is that she's going through. (plain stubbornness on her part if you ask me...LOL)
Any of you who know me personally know that I am a picture taking freak, so to have a daughter who insists she will not have her picture taken is a heart breaker. I practically have to bribe her any time I take a picture for this blog.
Anyways, I set up my little make-shift photo studio (a.k.a. the dining room with a sheet on the wall), and after two hours of convincing her that I will get my way and take her picture with her brother and sister I had success! Good Grief!
I can guarantee you will be seeing these pictures again on our Christmas card, since who knows if I'll have all three together long enough to get pictures before then, or if Anna will be over her picture taking phobia yet.

::And, in case anyone was wondering.....the camera did not steal Anna's soul and she managed to live through the ordeal. LOL!