Amy Butler & Heather Bailey Fans...Check this out!

:: I just had the most exciting morning! I found a new little shop called "The Top Stitch". I was searching for Amy Butler & Heather Bailey fabric and ran across this little shop right here in Spokane. Imagine my delight! Something cool and funky in Spokane...almost seems hard to believe...I know! The owner, Carrie, is so nice and helpful. She answered all of my silly questions and didn't make me feel ashamed of my lack of sewing knowledge. She even offers classes. I am so happy I stumbled across this place.
Check out her website:


Ally said...

I noticed you updated your blog-I love it! I am Adrienne Metzler's sister-Ally. I think the quote you picked is perfect-I love that one. Next time I come to town I'll have to visit the fabric store.