Kids Day at Riverfront Park

:: If you like information booths full of advertisers, parents with their overheated and exhausted children, oh, and lets not forget the family pooch....(really NOT sure why people think its a good idea to bring their furry friends to these type of events????)....then you will LOVE kids day at the park! Maybe I'm being a little harsh....I suppose if you are 4 like Anna, it was a great time. She said, "I really liked it, but there were too many people!"
:: One of this girls favorite things to do.....ride the carousel!....Her goal is to ride on all of the horses.... usually in one day!
:: MOM~ "Are you hot and tired Anna?".......
Anna~ "no, not really"
:: Me/Mom~ "Should this be our last ride, so we can go home and cool off?".....
Anna~ "MOM!!!!!!.....not yet!"
:: Me/Mom~ "Are you sure this can't be our last ride?"
Anna~ "MOM!....don't you listen to me?!...I said not yet!"

It was a good day....we rode the carousel 3 times....went to lunch....did some school shopping and had some good girl time :)