Sullivan Lake

:: You will notice a couple faces in the following pictures that haven't been on here in awhile. We finally snagged the kids from their summer vacation, friends, and work for a whole week!

One of our favorite places to enjoy the summer weather is Sullivan Lake. The water level is high this year, so we didn't have our usual set up on the beach, but we still managed to set up the beach tent :)

:: Danielle....she has spent most of her summer working and hanging out with friends...uh hum...and yes, spending time with her boyfriend ;)
(Its hard to believe she is 17 already and will turn 18 in October....eek!)
:: Michael....he has spent most of his summer hanging with friends.
(He will turn 16 in October....look out fellow drivers...he'll be hitting the road soon!)
:: Oh look!....its a rare photo with mom in it!....once in awhile I hand the camera to someone (other than myself who usually takes the family pics!), and I say, "Hey!...take a pic of me, so this family can look back some day and remember I was a part of it all".....tee hee!
:: And here's Anna....a full day of sunshine, water, and no nap....don't those eyes say it all?