Anna's baby quilt...

:: I finished putting Anna's baby blanket quilt top together. I had it laying on the dining room table when she woke up from her nap (which was minutes before this picture was can see she still looks sleepy). She walked out to the dining room and said "what's this I see?....did you FINALLY finish my quilt?" I said, "no not yet...I only have the top finished". She responds with, "well geesh mom, are you EVER going to finish this quilt?"
Yep, she's 4, and knows how to tell it to me straight!
:: Remember...this was made with her 8 receiving blankets that I saved from when she was a tiny girl. I think this quilt will mean more to me, because I remember wrapping her up in all those blankets. Babies sure don't stay small very long. boo hoo


Lindsi said...

This is so amazing, Angelique! I even took home the hospital gown with this same intention. I have several blankets, that hospital gown and even a couple of outfits I always thought I would use to do a similar quilt project. However, everytime I get it out to get started, I can't bring myself to cut up the items! Maybe I will ask you to help me, since you have no emotional attachment to those things. Great work! You are so talented and driven. I am envious! Hugs