Organizational Bliss!

:: I am giddy over the fact that my sewing machine (her name is "Lucille" btw...what!...guys name cars) has a spot on my craft desk finally! You see it was covered with stamp/card making supplies before. Its not that I won't be making cards anymore...I have been taken over with sewing again lately so I decided to shift some things around and make room for fabric and the likes.
:: I love it when everything has a me that's half the fun of being crafty.... organizing my supplies! Here's a secret....sometimes its even hard for me to cut into a new piece of fabric, because then I won't have it on my shelf to look at anymore.....I know...there's probably professional help for people like me out there!
:: And, look....I even cleaned off Anna's little craft desk/table. Somehow though she is always trying to crowd herself on to mine. Silly me thinking that if I made her a desk of her own she would stay off of mine and out of my supplies....yea right!