The Daily Shower

:: So how was your shower today?...relaxing?....yeah, mine not so much...For those of you reading this with children in your house, you will totally get what I'm on about here...

This is a "family show"...tee hee, so I will keep it G-Rated.

Here is a typical shower experience for me: I announce to the family "I'm going to take a shower now". That is everyone's clue that if they need to use the bathroom, do the laundry, wash the dishes, wash the car, or give the cat a bath they have 5 minutes to complete the task before I step in the shower.

So here I go...stepping in to the shower now. Just as I get the shampoo all lathered up in my hair (and no has to be exactly when my hair is full of shampoo) Anna will walk in the bathroom and need me for something. (Heaven forbid that there be a door closed between her and I at any moment of the day....even a glass see through shower door....ugh!) Its usually that she has gone to the bathroom and can't reach the toilet paper. Seriously?!....could she not have waited until I at least had the shampoo rinsed? I suppose this should make me mad, because it almost happens every day, but for some reason I laugh every time.

The other day I had a light bulb moment, and thought about I have her go to the bathroom before I get in the shower?!...duh!....well I did that, and nope!....that didn't help a soon as my hair was full of shampoo I hear, "mommy....I need your help", my response under my breath is, "of course you do....there is shampoo in my hair!"

So once I finally get back in the shower to rinse out my hair the shower door has to open and close about 4 more times....its Anna again of course. "mommy, can you get me a show to watch on tv?.....mommy, can I have something to drink?'s one of my all-time favorites.....mommy, can you get this dress on my barbie?" (Even I have my limits, I don't actually get out for all of those things).
OMG! the time I have finally answered all of the questions and done all of the assisting, and actually rinsed the shampoo out of my hair something hits me like the scalding hot water which happens when someone in the house has flushed the toilet while I'm HELLO! IN THE SHOWER!......

Time flies by so seems like Anna was just born and now she is 4 years old already. In a few more years (hopefully much longer than a few years really) she will be off with her friends and won't need me like she needs me now. So, I will choose to laugh at all of the interrupted showers and know that someday I will look back and laugh and miss all of Anna's questions and requests that she just couldn't wait to ask me until after my shower. I like that she needs me NOW!