Just Can't Get Enough!

:: If you read my blog last summer you probably couldn't help but notice that I posted A LOT of flower pictures....mostly of my dahlias that I was so proud of. I seem to have a flower addiction going on here....and now its with fabric! I've recently fallen back in love with my sewing machine (like 2 months ago) and can not quit thinking about which quilt I will sew next. Currently I have three quilt tops done that I need to quilt. (I swear I'm going to finish them before I start another quilt top....I swear!....probably...I mean, I think I'm pretty sure with my fingers crossed).
:: I'm making this bright little quilt for Anna's school auction.
:: Last summer I spent every non house cleaning-yard working moment stamping and making cards.....I'm thinking this spring/summer the hum of the sewing machine will be what you'll be hearing around my house.

:: I've always admired the pictures I find looking through magazines (like Country Living and Better Homes & Gardens) of quilts and how people use them to decorate with....for example one of my favorites is when people use antique hutches or cupboards and fill them with folded quilts.....like the picture below.

:: I figure if I just keep on a sewing (and bribing my mom-in-law who tackles quilts that I would never even try) someday I will have my cupboard full of quilts to show off. I've actually got a pretty good start....I'll have to show you in another post all of the quilts my mom-in-law has made us.


The Schroeder Family said...

Totally cute colors! I can't wait for my trip in April. I think the best fabric store is in Spokane. I've already told myself I have to set a limit of $100. So sad!