Happy St. Patrick's Day!

:: My big plan was to post pictures from the St. Patrick's Parade we went to this weekend....however, my camera (actually I was using Michael's camera, which isn't nearly as spectacular as mine....so I should have known better....tee hee) has locked up and foiled my plans. Instead I will share a funny little story with you.....

During most of my youth I was down right ticked off that I wasn't Irish! I remember one year getting in a little bit of an argument with my grandma (sorry grams!) over the fact that I insisted that yes indeed I was of Irish descent!... and she insisted that oh no I wasn't! I so badly wanted to be Irish that I even begged her to change my name. I remember specifically that I was quite partial to Briana (I almost picked that name for Anna), Colleen, and Deirdre....now I came close to part of my wish...I actually grew up knowing a Deirdre!

That same year I was quite indignant and wanted to prove grandma wrong, so I insisted that she dig out our family tree so I could prove just how Irish I really was. WELL, as it turns out, I am in fact not Irish (boo hoo), but instead very DANISH.

Ok so I'm not Irish...but I am still a big fan of the Irish! And, over the years I have since recovered from my disappointment:)
Hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick's Day!