Jump and Party!

Since today is my birthday Anna wanted to have a birthday party for me (I know, isn't she the best?). Well, when you're a 3 year old party planner this is how you throw a party..... We went to Jump and Party! We had never been there before today, so I was not expecting to participate myself.....(I didn't think adults would be allowed on the inflatables). My mistake.....now of course there were other parents there with their children, but Michael and I were the only two adults climbing in and out of these HUGE inflatables. I didn't get a picture of the whole place, but there are several big inflatable things (obstacle courses) for you to play on. I was pooped by the time our hour was up. Thank goodness it was only an hour! Anna had a blast, and I must admit I had a pretty darn good time myself. :0) Great Birthday party Anna! 
I'm delighted to say that tonight Anna will be with my dad while Michael and I go out to dinner....a little more relaxing. 


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