What it took to get to the Arizona Biltmore...

As I said before I left on this trip.....it had been four years in the making, well apparently a little more time was needed......Thursday afternoon we arrive at the Spokane Airport to learn that our flight had been cancelled, but not to worry....there was another flight going out in two hours that would still get us to Seattle in time for our connecting flight to Phoenix. So, whew.....that meant we could grab a coffee and relax a little before getting on the plane. 
While we are in the air between Spokane and Seattle we keep hearing the flight attendant assure us for those with connecting flights we will have plenty of time to make those flights. Trish and I had about a 30 minute window we were working with. So even though we were a little concerned we relaxed when we heard we would make it and the plane leaving for Phoenix knew they were waiting for us. 
When we hit the ground in Seattle we were ready to run to the next flight, but instead we were told to go to the Customer Service desk. This puzzled us a little, because we thought that would be wasting time when we should be getting on our next plane. But being the good girls that we are we do what we're told.......which ended up being taking the train to a completely different area of the airport. By this time we figured out that we had missed our flight (THE LAST FLIGHT TO PHOENIX FOR THE NIGHT!). We were both pretty bummed, because neither one of us has had a vacation in many years and we were all pumped to get down to Phoenix and start relaxing with a drink in hand by the pool. We had made the reservation for Thursday night so we would have 2 full days by the pool, now we were only going to have 1 day by the pool, because we would be traveling the other two days. Once we realized that, we went from bummed to pissed off! We'd been robbed! The lovely people working for the airlines we were traveling with could have cared less that our long awaited and planned for trip had just been ruined. Instead of spending our first night in Phoenix we were going to be staying the night in Seattle. Well, had we known that, we would have just stayed home. drats! So if that isn't bad enough, when we get to baggage to pick up our suitcases we are told they went on to Phoenix. Excuse me? How is it that we missed the plane but our suitcases didn't? I raised the question with the lovely airline worker and she said, well maybe I'd better make a call on that........hmmmm, ya think?!
An hour later our bags are rolled out to us with no more than a look from the airline worker. So now with our hotel voucher in hand we go out and find a shuttle and make our way over to the Holiday Inn. (Not exactly what we had in mind for our first night of vacation). The next morning we had to be at the airport at 4:30am......that's rude all in itself when a person is on vacation! For some reason I could not turn off my brain all night so I didn't get a wink of sleep. I was sooooo tired  by the time we arrived in Phoenix. We decided that since we were being robbed a day of our vacation we should stay an extra night. It just so happened that Trish had Monday off anyways, and Michael gave the thumbs up that everything and everyone would be fine at home without me for one more day. So as soon as we checked in to our hotel room we went to lunch and then put our suits on and headed to the pool. At last! 
So, even though the trip didn't start out the way we had planned everything worked out in the end and we had a great trip. ahhhh!