Something to ponder....

I don't have a picture for today, but had to pass along what I heard at the park today. Anna and I went down for our daily park outing and today we met a little boy who was walking his dog "Rufus"....(the dog was a pretty funny that a small dog has such a BIG name).

The little boy with Rufus appeared to be about 5 years old and was quite comfortable striking up a conversation with me while we were all on the swings. He says, "I've met the President before". I responded with, "wow that must have been pretty exciting!" He says, "not really, he was kind of a bummer." I asked, "what made him such a bummer?" He says, "well, he started out by saying that $100.00 was too much, and then he said $1,000.00 was too much, and finally he said $400.00 was too much." To this I had to ask, "do you remember the name of the President you met?" He quickly responds back with, "yes, his name was Lincoln." 

It may not seem that funny to everyone else, but if you could have seen how serious this little boy was about meeting the President and him being such a bummer it would have made you laugh too. During the conversation I'm thinking, oh, he must be talking about President Bush, because he came through our town a couple years ago, but then I'm thinking, well that would have made this little boy only 3 years old at the time. I almost laughed out when he said Lincoln, because all of the sudden the questions running through my mind were for nothing! 

And, the whole time I'm talking to this kid I'm wondering where is his mother? Maybe I'm too protective, but geesh, these days I don't know if I could send Anna off alone to the park.