Leavin' on a jet plane.....

For the first time since Anna was born I am going on a little vacation without the family.....giddy giddy giddy....well, not to be leaving my family of course, but for the reason that I'm going on vacation! And, its to someplace warm....Phoenix! hip hip hooray! Hope to get some great pictures to share with you when I get back.
This Phoenix trip planted itself in my head about 4 years ago....my girl Trish and I were sitting in the Phoenix airport on the way home from a Vegas trip for like 6 hours. All we could do is look out the airport windows and wonder what Phoenix must be like.....So....finally 4 years later we are going back and this time its for a little longer than 6 hours....more like 4 days! yeehaw!
Hope you all have a great weekend....we will do the same! (We leave in 3 more hours!....teehee)
Tune back in Monday for some vacation pics!