We were finally able to bring out the swing and hook it back on to the playset. The fact that there is no snow on the ground is something to be happy about all in itself! I thought it was pretty funny when we were getting ready to go outside that she thought she needed her sun glasses. Michael (daddy) tried to talk her out of them, because it was 6:00 in the evening and the sun was starting to go down. Her argument was, "look daddy, the sun is out". Okay, I guess a person shouldn't argue with 3 year old logic.

She had to bring her "friends" Larry (short for Malaria) and Marty (short for Martian Life) outside to play with......um yeah. Would I make that up? She found these creatures at a game store called Uncle's out at the Valley mall around Christmastime, and she is attached to them. Its this strange brand (in my opinion) of stuffed animals that are named after different types of microbes. She has another one that we call Penelope (short for Algae)....I'm not sure how she got Penelope out of that one. Anyways, they have provided us with a lot of entertainment.