Plant those Dahlias ...

Here is Anna with her favorite rake. yep, some kids have favorite toys....she is attached to yard implements. 
I'm not sure what I was thinking when I ordered all of these Dahlia bulbs, but now they have all arrived and someone (me) is going to have to plant them. 
Well actually I do know what I was thinking....every year that I go to the fair and see all of the HUGE dahlias on display, I think, some day I'm going to have dahlias like those! Well, keep your fingers crossed...maybe this is my year. I have 78 tubers to plant. The weather is still a bit to chilly at night to plant them, so for now I can just anticipate the job....hee hee
My neighbor walked by as I was taking these pictures and said, "are you getting ready to plant your bulbs?"....I said, "no, just taking pictures of them". I'm pretty sure he's wondering about me right about now....hee hee
Hope all of you are out enjoying some nice spring weather!