Bloom Time

:: Okay, would everyone please take notice that my clematis is in bloom?! After years of planting new ones and watching them die, for some reason this one has decided to live for three years in a row and its the second year that its actually bloomed. Amazing! Some people can grow these like, not so much! 
Now I'm wondering if I should really push my luck and get another one?....hee hee 
:: Normally I can beg and plead until I have no air left to take a picture of Anna and she'll have nothing of it. Last night as I'm walking around with my camera she kept jumping in front of it to have her picture taken. Darn kid! The actual point of this picture was for the Painted Daisies behind her....shhhh, don't tell her that! Aren't those daisies such a great color!
:: The peonies are just starting to bloom. 
:: And, no, I didn't grow the wheel, but I thought it was a cool place to stick it. Its an old wheel barrow wheel that I bought at an antique store a few years back. Its been all over the yard, and this year I thought this would make a nice resting spot for it.