A few yard pictures...

:: The morning glory seeds are taking off.....by next month they'll be climbing up the frames! 
:: A dahlia making its way out......this is really exciting since I planted 84 of them! About half of them have broken ground. I'd say by next week most of them should be seeing daylight....fingers crossed! 
:: This is the teddy bear sunflowers I planted in the old tool box....nice to see they've made their way through the dirt too!:
:: My one lonely lupine :0(  I used to have a bunch more and for some reason they didn't make it. Could it be the two worst winters in history to blame? 
:: Last year my grandma divided out most of her iris. My dad took some and I took some......somehow I got all of the yellow ones and he got all of the purple. We're going to do some trading so we both have some of each.