Rainy Day Crafts

:: These are some pictures from yesterday. We had a rainy, windy, cold day.....time to bring out the crafts! We made some LOVELY foam bead necklaces and some caterpillars (not pictured) made from pipe cleaners and little pom pom balls. As I'm sitting with her almost bored out of my mind thinking of all the other things I should be attending she says to me, "mommy, isn't this just the best day ever!". Just then my boredom left the building and I realized how lucky I was to be sitting there with her having the best day ever! Kids sure know how to bring a person back to center. :0) 

:: And, compared to today, yesterday really was the best day ever.......This morning I go out to the kitchen to pour my first cup of coffee of the day and kaboom!.....the handle on the coffee pot breaks off, first the VERY hot coffee spills all over my legs and bare feet, then the pot hits the ground with glass shattering all over and while coffee is almost hitting every square inch of the floor! Swell!  
What I was really most upset about was not getting a cup of coffee! ugh!

A few days ago our refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen died.....just after I had stocked both up with a months worth of groceries......most of those went in the garbage since I didn't realize the fridge died until late in the evening. (that's just great to run across right before bed)

And, one of the lenses in my glasses has cracked. I think we should be good for things breaking now......they say these things happen in 3's, so I hope we're good for awhile. 

Luckily we have an older fridge in our mudroom that we mostly keep drinks in that is now in the kitchen. I find it interesting that our 10 year old fridge died before the 30 year old (mudroom fridge) one that is still running. They just don't make things like they used to. And, funny enough, I think I like the old fridge better.....much more room! Plus, now I am rearranging our mudroom and will have more storage!....bonus...the silver lining! 

The last time the whole things in 3's theory took place was the dishwasher, oven and hot water tank....that was just a few months ago. Brother!....this has not been a good year to be an appliance at our house!