Yard Jewelry!

:: My new yard jewelry!.......some girls like to get new jewelry, and some like me like to get new yard tools! (well to be honest I REALLY like jewelry too, but there is nothing better than a good tool that works in my book!). I've had my eye on these little dandys and haven't wanted to spend the money on them, but I finally caved in and bought them. And, lately I have become a bargain hunter and got them for a GREAT price.....whoo hoo! 
:: I tried out my new hedge trimmers on our front shrub. Doesn't it look nice? hee hee Just call me Edward Scissor Hands!
I usually use my electric hedge trimmer, but for 1) its SO LOUD, (2) you have to try not to cut the cord in half as your trimming along, and (3) its heavy! (I know, boo hoo!) 

So there you have it.....my big excitement! LOL!