:: Remember "Softy" the Caterpillar everyone? Well, after a few weeks of waiting, Anna's caterpillar has turned in to a moth.....or a butterfly as she calls it.

:: When it first started spinning its silk.
:: The day we brought it home from Gma and Gpa's, which was May 24th.

:: I was amazed that the little critter stayed alive in the jar for two weeks. We tried finding several different kinds of leaves before he finally chomped away at some. Then when he started spinning his silk we thought for sure he was looked hard and dry. So we took the lid off of the jar and set the jar out on the deck. We'd check it every few days, but it still looked dead. Yesterday Michael went out to check and found it had broke free and had turned in to the moth. Crazy! I think Michael and I were just as excited as Anna was.