Its really makeup!

::When I put this phrase up on the bathroom wall a few years ago above the mirror I didn't realize how appropriate it would be until now.......
::Ya know those silly little toys you pass by (or sometimes run by to avoid your child noticing they are there) in the grocery store toy aisle?  Well last night we had to run in to the store for bread and ice cream, and as we're heading down the bread aisle I had a brain lasp and forgot to sprint by the toy section......she spotted this makeup kit! I've bought her a little Barbie makeup kit in the past that had pretend makeup in it, so when I saw this I thought.....okay, I'm having a weak moment....we'll get the silly little makeup kit. (of course the whole time I'm assuming its pretend....not actual makeup powder).
:: When we get home from the store I see that she's opened her prize and thought it was kind of funny as I'm walking by I see some blue on her face......well then it hits me like a train as I'm already in the next room that the makeup is REAL! Oh Brother! Ever try to take a new prize away from a 3  year old? (Its not for the faint of heart!) 
::Instead of taking it away I decided we should at least move to the bathroom so it wouldn't get all over and so she could see her work in the mirror.....(thinking that she would see this blue stuff all over her face and think, ick, get it off). WRONG! She thought she looked fabulous and was so proud! Again, Oh Brother! 
::Maybe today I can convince her that the blue eyeshadow doesn't belong on her cheeks?!...LOL!