Lilac Parade

:: Last night we went to the Lilac Parade. As we were waiting for the parade to start I was wondering to myself why we didn't come to the parade last year....then I remembered, it was 95 degrees last year! This year the weather was perfect, 70 degrees :0) 

:: As all of the parade vendors are marching by with their over priced annoying plastic trinkets for sale of course Anna says, "mommy, can I get one?" I was delighted when she picked the orange "spider" ball. It was far less annoying than the big (HUGE) blow up cartoon characters. 
:: This picture doesn't do this float was one of the showiest of the floats. 
:: This picture cracks me up. "Are you tired Anna?" She says, "no, I'm not tired."
Look at those eyes....they say differently. :0) 

Before we went to the parade last night the conversation at our house was about what time we should head down town to find our spot along the parade route. Parade start time was 7:45, so of course I wanted to go down as early as possible to ensure we had a good spot. Michael's idea of early is 5 minutes before the parade actually starts. oiy!  When you've been married long enough you learn to choose your battles, so I agreed to go down much later than I preferred knowing that we were probably not going to have very good seats. Well, don't tell him I said this, but his get there late theory really panned out! We had great seats and for the first time ever at any free community event we sat next to some great people! Whew! 
The people who had been there hours before us to stake their claim on the curb were nice enough to let Anna sit down in front of them.