Mother's Day

:: Notice the little green cross-- I found that a few years ago when I pulled out 4 HUGE shrubs that went across the flower bed (again with the shrubs!)...We are only the second owners of our house, so I knew the cross had something to do with the builders/first owners of our house. I asked one of the neighbors who has been in the neighborhood forever and she said, Oh, that must have been their dog.....eew!.....meaning, its buried in my flower bed! So, up until today I have left the cross so I don't dig up "Spiffy"
Boy, does this kid ever know how to make her mom happy or what?! Its the little things that make a mama happy, like seeing your daughter putting her back in to yard work....hee hee

I have had an awesome mother's day.....first Michael and Anna gave me flowers, I was served french toast, BACON, hash browns, and raspberry filled powdered sugar doughnuts!, and then I got to work out in the yard ALL day! As I make this post I'm waiting for my dinner to be cooked on the BBQ. Good times! Oh, and the weather could not have been nicer. Very good times!  

(Tomorrow I'll have pics of all of the flower beds I weeded this weekend. )