Wouldn't it be nice if a worm made you this happy?

:: Digging for worms.
:: The Worm's new home.
:: I think this one is named Wiggles. 
I was out attacking some yard work today and trying to juggle Anna's continuous questions on what she could water or dig up. I was just about to give up on the yard work, because it was obvious she was too bored watching me and she didn't want to play outside unless I stopped everything and played with her......(the trials of being an only child). THEN......as I was making my last shovel into the ground I saw a worm and had a lovely idea......I grabbed the worm and gave it to Anna. Well....you would have thought I just pulled the moon out of the night sky. She was so happy. We found it a little home. And I just need to say thank you to that little worm, because it bought me another two hours out in the yard! 
I was able to find 4 more worms for her and she named them all and played with them for two solid hours. (not to worry....as soon as we went inside I gave her a shower) ;0)