:: Okay, so not everyone uses the little blue pool for water :0) Actually we did last year, but this year we've moved on to sand. 

:: Notice the tarp in the background to keep the unwanted cats out......hey, at least its not a blue tarp :0) 
:: I asked her to give me a smile and this is what she gives! (Another words, hurry up mom, I want to get back to playing!)

:: I have to say, I think I'm in shock....this is two days in a row that she has played in her play yard BY HERSELF.....could it be that my little girl is growing up? 
Oh, and everyone should be happy to know that we bought her a new pool since this one has been taken over by sand......An alligator pool that squirts water.....she's quite excited about that! 

Hope everyone had a great day. I spent more time out in the yard......I think I am actually done planting things now....whew! I'll try to get my act together tomorrow and get some yard pics.