Sometimes you just have to laugh!

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, where you feel like for every step forward you take you've taken 10 steps backwards. OIY! That has been my day! 
You see I am determined to get to my yard work and Anna is equally determined to distract and interrupt me as much as she can so I can not get to my yard work. 
Anna and I had to run some errands this morning, which put us behind schedule on getting her down for her nap.....that's never good! If you don't get her down within her usual time she thinks aha!....maybe mom forgot and I don't need a nap today. Why not just let her skip the nap?.....if she doesn't take a nap by about 6:00pm she turns in to a owly little tornado. 
So, by 4:00 I get her in her bed and I quietly skip outside with my monitor in hand, and sun screen and bug spray applied. I think Whoo hoo!...Finally! 
As I get about the third dig in the dirt with my shovel I hear her crying.......BIG SIGH!....and I think I even said OUTLOUD, "oh for Pete sakes!" (I'm sure my neighbors don't even think twice when they hear me talking to myself....I think I do it a lot.....LOL!) 
So, I put down my shovel, take off my gardening gloves and since I'm determined to get back outside once I've calmed her down, I tip toe through the house with my dirt filled yard shoes.....that is always quite a site.....and I just vacuumed the other day, so I was really trying not to get a speck of dirt on my clean floors. 

I get to her room and she is upset because her bed covers aren't just right. (In my mind my eyes are rolling and I'm thinking I took off my gloves and tip-toed through the house for this?!) Brother! So I give her a hug and kiss and remake her bed and she sits up and says, "I think I don't need a nap." (Again to myself I say, think again're taking a nap!) Instead I gave her another kiss and said, well you better get your nap done so you can play outside later. 

Well apparently she knows better than I do....she didn't take a nap and I didn't get to go back out to the yard without her. Another Big Sigh......
Maybe tomorrow. :0) 

(The above picture is of one of my flower beds taken a couple years ago. I thought the laughing rock was a good fit for today's post. Sometimes you just have to laugh or you'll scream or cry!)  


Nanny Deprived said...

Ah! That nap scam artists. I had one of those. He quit taking naps at 18 months. I'd heard of other people saying their kid quit taking naps and I thought they were stupid. I thought if my kid tried to stop napping I would force them. Well he stopped at 18 months. Just sat upstairs talking to himself for two hours. After about a month of this and me pulling my hair out trying to make him nap, I gave up. Defeated.
Best of luck!!