Time to Mow

Well, she takes after her mom is all I can say. As we went out the door yesterday morning she looks at the grass, then looks at me and says, "mom, don't you think you should be getting this lawn mowed?" She was quite happy when I suggested we buy her a lawn mower so she could help (shhhh, don't tell her that it doesn't really cut the grass....that would tick her off) hee hee 
Look at the serious look on her face in the top photo....she makes her mother proud.....I like seeing the dedication.....hee hee
The mower is supposed to blow bubbles as you push it, but we have found out that as usual the product in the box doesn't quite live up to the picture on the box. You have to be going approximately 3.2 miles per hour with no wind in order for the thing to actually shoot out bubbles. Kind of disappointing, but she still loves that she can mow the lawn like me.