Now, back to yesterday.....

There was a major accomplishment made in the yard yesterday (besides the big worm find!).....Let me tell you a little about it :0) 
Our house was built in 1970. 
There were a lot of great things that came from the "Super 70's" for one :0) 
Saturday Night Live
American Bandstand

However, there were also some not-so-great things as well, like: 
Shag Carpeting
And, the biggest no no in my book was landscaping your yard with shrubs! I'm not talking a couple....I can handle that, I'm talking more than 5...hee hee

Over the past 8 years I have been removing what seems like hundreds of shrubs from our yard. Really I think its more in the neighborhood of 20 that I have removed. There was a lot of sweat, swearing and sore muscles due to those shrubs. 

Well, yesterday I FINALLY removed the LAST Oregon Grape from our yard. 
(shhhh, I think I hear angles singing)
Those suckers require dynamite!...or in my case persistence and a shovel! 
The above picture is what a very overgrown Oregon Grape looks like (picture taken in 2004). I removed that one 4 years almost killed me! I don't have a picture of the one I was working on yesterday, but I can tell you it too almost killed me! Geesh, those things are there to stay and the root almost goes to China....I'm pretty sure. 

Anyways, I can not even explain how happy I am to have those suckers out of my yard. (shhhhh, wait!....I think its the angels singing again!)

Oh, and here are three things that I think should be against the law:
Shag Carpeting 
Wall Paper
Oregon Grape 
(pass it on!)

If we EVER have a nice day again I will post a couple pictures of the flowers beds where those dreadful Oregon Grape used to reside. By summers end the flower beds will be full of flowers instead of pokey ugly monster shrubs like Oregon Grape!