What to do with a Hula Hoop...

What's that? This isn't how your family uses the Hula Hoop? Why not? Makes a great "WHO HORN".....we think it looks like something from Dr. Suess :0) 
(notice I wasn't caught in the act like these two goofballs!)

:: The Hula Hoop is said to be an ancient invention used by the greeks as a form of exercise.

:: In 1958 the Hula Hoop became an american favorite with its production by manufacturer Wham-O.
Twenty million Wham-O Hula Hoops sold for $1.98 in the first 6 months!

:: Japan once banned the Hula Hoop, because the rotating hip action seemed indecent.....I wonder what they would think of our family's use of the Hula Hoop?  hee hee