Yard work and more yard work!

:: This is a pic of our lower patio area.....its kind of hard to tell, but I was taking the picture to show off my red letters that say "RELAX". I had Michael paint them for me last year......the letters were purchased from JoAnn's (fabric store). They were plain pine, but I wanted RED! 
::The blue bike is one of my favorite yard pieces.....my father-in-law gave me that. I'm sure everyone thought I was strange when I asked if I could have the old blue bike, but I had plans for it! I planted a red petunia wave in the basket this year. It will be so pretty when it starts to fall over the edge of the basket. 
:: I just painted the black tool box a couple days ago and plan to plant some seeds in it....probably trailing nasturtium. 
:: Last year I only had one pot in this spot and I planted morning glory seeds in it.....WOW!....they took off like crazy. So, this year I figured if one pot was nice THREE would be better, and I planted more morning glory seeds. I hope they do as well as last year. 
:: This is how you find our cat Hank most days during the summer.....I'm so glad we were able to buy him this patio furniture! LOL! Lately he has been using it more than us!