This is what I get for being on the phone....

Okay, I admit that I was probably on the phone a little longer than I should have been today....guilty mom, guilty mom! I was actually still on the phone when Anna comes to find me in the kitchen and says, "I didn't do nothing mom" (Whoo, how's that for good grammar?) she has her hands over her eyes. At this point I don't even see her hands covered in what from a distance looks like amateur henna tattoos. Also, my curiosity was peaked at wondering what she meant by "nothing". So I asked her to show me what "nothing" was. She walked me out to the living room and then I caught a glimpse of her hands and arms and realized "nothing" was a pen!  Whew! I can stop imagining all of the things that she might have broken or the spilled paint or whatever else she could have done. 
I probably really confused her when instead of disciplining her for writing all over her hands I got out the camera. hee hee